Chaga BioTela

Chaga contains a unique complex of active substances.

The growth of the fungus, combined with the release of active substances by the carrier tree, allows us to obtain a unique composition of biologically active components.

What is Chaga  Biotela

Chaga is the” immune response " of the tree to the defeat of the fungus Inonotus Obliquus. Chaga is most often found on birch and much less often on other deciduous trees.

How it works

Chaga contains a unique complex of active substances. Let's look at them in more detail.

Agaricin and humin-like acids, which are contained in chaga, give the body “ammunition” to fight free radicals that damage cell membranes. It is these substances that make chaga a highly effective oncoprotector and an incomparable antioxidant.

A whole complex of organic acids: oxalic, vanillic, formic and acetic. All these acids are integral components of metabolic processes in our body. Thanks to the help of Chaga from Biotel, your body will receive a new building material for cell and tissue renewal. Lastenol, inotodiol, trametonolinic acid.

These organic components make it possible to successfully fight tumors of various origins.

Pterins, which are rich in chaga mushroom, supply the body with folic acid and vitamin E. Flavonoids, which are kept in Chaga from BIOTEL, activate the secretion and efficiency of enzymes produced in the body.

Trace elements-copper, barium, zinc, manganese, potassium, sodium, selenium - are necessary for the proper functioning of all body systems. With such a composition and in such a combination of biologically active components, Chaga has no analogues in terms of effectiveness and numerous useful properties.

About the product, application history

Chaga BioTela is a product isolated from the grated birch mushroom chaga with the addition of cinnamon to increase the antioxidant effect. Birch mushroom chaga and its healing properties have been known for a long time; the ways of using it as a medicine were described in the works of the famous medieval doctor Abu Ali ibn Sina(Avicenna).

In reference books and Russian herbalists of the XVIII century. there are recommendations for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and malignant tumors with chaga. In the Russian chronicle of the XI century. it is told about how the Grand Duke VladimiraMonomakh's lips were cured of cancer with the help of a decoction of birch mushroom. The treatment, which lasted several months, ended with the complete disappearance of the tumor.

Studies conducted by the 1st Leningrad Medical Institute named after I. Pavlov in the 70s of the twentieth century have convincingly proved the ability of chaga to increase redox processes in tissues. The drug has a restorative and tonic effect on the central nervous system, relieves various exacerbations, normalizes the acid– and enzyme-forming function of the stomach and duodenum, restores the functions of the cholinergic nerves.

Who needs

Office workers, IT specialists, gamers

A sedentary lifestyle, heavy mental loads, irregular nutrition and increased stress levels require comprehensive assistance to the body. Only Chaga can give the whole complex of necessary active substances, acids and minerals to achieve the best results in work without compromising health.

People with cardiovascular diseases and hypertension

A sedentary lifestyle, heavy mental loads, irregular nutrition and increased stress levels require comprehensive assistance to the body. Only Chaga can give the whole complex of necessary active substances, acids and minerals to achieve the best results in work without compromising health.

People with diabetes mellitus

Chaga is used as the main component for blood glucose control in diabetes in combination with a prescribed diet and additional medical treatment.

People undergoing treatment for benign tumors

Fibroids, fibriomas and fibroids are cured with the help of chaga along with drug therapy.

To sane people for the prevention of oncological diseases

Medical statistics show that among people who constantly consume brewed chaga, there are practically no cases of cancer and tuberculosis.

Chaga Biotela benefits

We produce our product only from natural, environmentally friendly raw materials that meet both Russian and the most stringent European standards. The modern "cold" technology of chaga mushroom processing allows you to carefully preserve a unique complex of active substances, enhancing its biological activity and natural strength in maximum concentration.

Convenient dosage for course admission

The effect of using chaga begins to be felt after 4-5 days from the start of reception, however, for the reliability of the result, the entire complex of substances of  Chaga must enter our body constantly. You can count on the maximum effect for the body only with a course application. Therefore, we use only economical packaging (one package is designed for a month of use), so that you get the best result at the best price.

Chaga from Biotela effects


Improves digestion

Chaga normalizes the intestinal microflora, promotes better digestion of food and supports the gastrointestinal tract in a normal way.


The resistance to inflammatory processes increases

Chaga is a natural antibiotic that allows you to destroy bacterial infections.


The integumentary tissues are regenerated

Chaga promotes epithelization of the human skin and mucous membrane. It has been proven effective in the treatment of erosive gastritis of the stomach and duodenum. Even stomach ulcers can be successfully treated with chaga!


The blood glucose level is normalized

It reduces the level of glucose in the blood, which helps people suffering from glycemia to cope with diabetes. Moreover, it improves the condition of blood vessels, cleanses them of cholesterol deposits.


The metabolism is restored

Thanks to its complex effect on the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system, it activates the metabolism, which allows you to get rid of obesity.


Исчезает синдром хронической усталости (СХУ)

Restoration of full blood supply to the blood vessels of the brain, stimulation of the immune system and detoxification of the body make chaga an excellent tool for combating chronic fatigue syndrome


The risk of cancer is significantly reduced

Proven by thousands of years of experience of great doctors of the past and confirmed by the latest laboratory tests, the effectiveness of chaga in the fight against oncological diseases allows it to be used not only as a means of preventing oncology, but also as a full-fledged component in the treatment system.


The immune system is strengthened

The properties of chaga as an immunostimulator that helps fight infections of various etiologies have been clinically proven. This gives an additional level of protection of the body from diseases.

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