Biotela  is a domestic Russian startup company.

We know and understand the needs of our clients and do everything to fulfill them the bestway we know how.  Our products are designed to enhance a whole complex of processes in your body thus making it not only efficient but resulting in real profit for you and your lifestyle.

Biotela  is highest quality in every detail

Starting with formulas and clinical trials to packaging design and ergonomics — we strive forthe best. Every batch goes through strict laboratory testing, so the packaged amount of the product matches the sticker 100%. We never add any undocumented components to our products.

All our products are certified by the Federal Service for Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare

We went through in-depth and comprehensive government trials and all our products comply with ISO 22000 and GMP standards. Biotela puts an effort into boosting your health and productivity. Please do consider that every active hour a day amounts to 4 full workdays a month. This is why we work hard to give you more potential,more energy, more health and more life as a result!