Uncompromising Biotela quality against internet counterfeits

According to statistics, about 50% of dietary supplements that you can find on Internet sites, social media groups or even pharmacies are fake. In the best case, you will be sold a dummy. At worst, a low-quality product that may contain hazardous substances. Unscrupulous manufacturers can pack their supplements in the kitchen or in the basement. The main thing is to stay away from prying eyes. Some even mix real drugs into dietary supplements for ostentatious effectiveness. As a result, taking them can provoke severe side effects.

A particular danger is posed by foreign companies that sell their supplements over the Internet. A real consumer is far from them, and this frees their hands, because laboratory testing of a drug or an attempt to win a lawsuit against a company from a foreign jurisdiction is an expensive thing.

That is why the issue of product quality and safety is of paramount importance for Biotela. Buying Russian supplements Biotela, you can be sure that you are purchasing a product of the highest level. And that's why:

1. Certification.

All Biotela products are approved by Rospotrebnadzor and have state registration, which can be checked on the department's website. This is important, since the Russian regulations, based on multiple studies and observations, strictly limit the list of ingredients allowed for use in dietary supplements. If there is not a word in Russian on the label and in the instructions of the product, you can be sure that such an additive has not passed the quality test and is not registered in the territory of the Russian Federation. Unlike similar crafts, the entire range of our additives has passed the strictest laboratory control for toxicity, radiation safety, contamination by microorganisms, the exact amount of all active substances and about ten more important indicators.

2. Highest standards.

We look up to the pharmaceutical industry, not the food industry. That is why our production is certified according to modern quality standards ISO 22000 and GMP. Compliance with this high level is confirmed by on-site inspections of independent accredited controllers and relevant documents.

3. Consistent quality.

Each batch of products goes through laboratory control to confirm compliance with all the declared values ​​in the documents for the concentration and purity of active ingredients, so that you can be sure that the content of each package corresponds to the label by 100%.

4. Total control.

We monitor compliance with standards at all stages, not just in production. Transportation and storage of raw materials and finished products is carried out only if the required temperature regime is observed to exclude the harmful effects of the external environment on the quality of our goods.

5. Only useful supplements.

When buying Biotela products, you can be sure that you are not buying a placebo pacifier, but a supplement that is truly beneficial for your body. We do not manufacture dietary supplements, the effectiveness of which is not described in the scientific literature or has not been confirmed experimentally in a clinical setting.