Healthy digestive system is the basis for new standards of quality of life

To create a strong foundation for normal functioning of your whole body consider Inulin from BioTela, a natural prebiotics made of chicory roots.

What is a prebiotic?

Prebiotics — from theGreek pre bios, literally — «before life».

Prebiotics are the food for the intestinal bacteria. They form nutritional environment for useful bacteria, helps them grow faster and push their harmful counterparts away from your intestine. Harmful microflora do not utilize prebiotics in their metabolic cycle and useful bacteria, mostly bifidobacteria and lactobacilli,become stronger and occupy a wider area. Remember – our microflora can and will take care of us, but it also may poison us. It all depends on what we feed toit.

How it works

Inulindoesn’t get fully digested by your body, however it is instrumental indevelopment of useful microflora and removing harmful bacteria, fungi, virusesand toxic compounds from your system at the same time. Inulin softly envelopesyour intestinal wall, helps with pushing nutrients down the intestinal tractand improves the performance of your liver.

At the sametime inulin acts as an active coagulant, making your blood flow smoother, andnot letting сlots andcholesterol granuloma accumulate on your vascular walls. This effect normalizesyour blood pressure and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, Inulinimproves carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, normalizes blood sugar levels,improves calcium ingestion which is necessary for the health of our teeth andbones, and it also has choleretic action.

Advantages of Inulin BioTela

What is a prebiotic?

Prebiotics — from theGreek pre bios, literally — «before life».

Our productis produced from organic high-quality materials that meet all the qualitycriteria of the most stringent Russian and European standards. Modern coldtechnology of processing chicory roots allows careful and complete extractionof useful compounds while fully preserving its biological activity and naturalpotential.

Unique combination of two types of inulin

Types of Inulin can be differentiated by the length of their molecular chains. The shortest ones activate in the upper intestine, and they are very beneficial onthis stage of the digestion process, but they never get to the lower intestine.But we need an active helper there because of protein toxins which can be harmful for your lower intestine and in some cases even lead to intestinal cancer.

Thelong-chained Inulin is used to support your useful bacteria and protect them from poisons. Our product includes both types of Inulin in 2:1 proportion to provide a wider scope of positive influence on your body.

Optimal dosage for treatment schedule

Effects of Inulin can be felt 4-5 days after the start of treatment, however prebiotics should be constantly consumed to ensure the long-lasting results of treatment.Maximum efficiency can only be achieved by a course of treatment. This is whywe use the most cost-effective packaging (one package contains the worth of onemonth of the product), so that you get the most for the lowest price.

About the product, real use cases

Inulin fromBioTela is a prebiotic distilled from chicory roots. Health benefits of thisplant have been well known since Ancient Rome, where chicory was a compulsorypart of legoionnaires’ rations during marches and was widely used to cureintestinal diseases and to protect against food poisoning.

 Today weknow that the medicinal effect is achieved by high concentration of inulin inthe plant. Modern lab tests confirmed its usefulness in treatingdysbacteriosis, intestinal obstruction, hepatitis, renal gravel,osteochondrosis, it is useful in reducing extra body weight, diabetes,atherosclerosis and ischemic heart disease.

 All theseeffects are achieved by growing useful microflora which doesn’t let harmfulmicroorganisms flourish, and also improves nutritive absorption in yourintestine. It also takes part in synthesis of more than 20 hormones.

 Health benefits of Inulin BioTela


Improving digestion and metabolism

Inulin aids synthesis of aliphatic acids which take care of intestinal villi. As a result nutrient absorption area increases.


Lowering cholesterol level

Some typesof bacteria which benefit from Inulin are able to dissolve bile salts, the main building material for cholesterol. Dissolved cholesterol and fat no longer takepart in digestion process and simply get removed from your body.


Improving your skin, hair and nails

The cells of our body are simply unable to synthesize vitamin H (biotin) which is crucial for our looks. But with inulin in is synthesized by intestinal bacteria.


Lowering blood sugar level

Inulin absorbs glucose from food and inhibits its absorption into your bloodstream.This is very useful for people with diabetes.


Helping deal with extra weight

Inulin levels out your blood sugar. It envelopes your stomach walls thus giving you a sense of fullness and reduces the intensity of hunger.. If you made a goal toreduce weight then Inulin from BioTela will be a splendid addition to your diet and daily workout routine. There are several reasons for this:


In the stomach inulin absorbs water and turns into a gel that envelops the mucous membrane and maintains a feeling of satiety


Inulin improves lipid metabolism and also helps to reduce blood sugar levels


This is a low-calorie dietary supplement, when it is broken down, it forms not glucose, but fructose


Inulin cleanses the body and restarts the disturbed metabolism, which is the key to a slim figure


Making your immune system stronger

Intestine is responsible for ⅔ of our immune system..Its smooth operation is directly connected with the condition of microflora, and this is where Inulin from BioTela is at its best.Normal immune reactions of our bodies and improved allergy tolerance - this is what you get from our product.


Filtering out toxins, radionuclides and heavy metals

Useful bacteria bind harmful substance and stop it from entering your bloodstream.Thus Inulin reduces stress on your liver and kidneys. As a result, the amount of toxins in your body decreases thanks to microflora preventing secretions of pathogenic bacteria.


Getting rid constipation

Inulin aisa nutritional basis for useful bacteria, it activates intestinal mobility.


Making your bones tougher

Inulin isbacteria’s favourite food, they redirect calcium ions through the intestinal wall. As a result calcium metabolism gets improved which in turn is beneficial for our bones and joints.


Improving digestion and metabolism

95% of serotonin, also known as a happiness hormone is synthesized in intestinal cells by amino acids called tryptophan and tyrosine which are supplied by useful intestinal bacteria. They also produce the vitamin B which is essential for nerve cells formation.

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