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Omega-3 isa generic term for 11 polyunsaturated fatty acids necessary for strong health good energy levels and good looks.

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Why do you need to use Omega-3?

This compound isn’t produced by your body and can only get consumed with food.Meanwhile, eating habits of modern people can seldom be called balanced, thus many of us suffer from deficiency of essential nutritional support. Omega-3from BioTela will help you replenish all the necessary compounds in your body.

Fatty acids included in Omega-3 are essential for any human being.They help suppress thrombus formation, lower cholesterol levels, normalize blood pressure and as a result - give a boost to your cardiovascular system and significantly decrease probability of a stroke or a heart attack. It is invaluable for improving the efficiency of your immune system. Thus a steady supply of Omega-3 into your system improves metabolism, help with weight loss and slows down ageing processes.

Traditional nutritional habits can hardly provide adequate amount of fatty acids included in Omega-3. According to the Scientific Research Institute for Nutrition, such deficit is observed for 80% of population. It transpires through various symptoms, starting from unhealthy looking skin and trichorrhexis to memory deterioration and mood swings. Your body gives you signals about essential nutritional component it lacks, so that your organs are working without proper maintenance and may have a malfunction. What is the point of getting to a real disease? It is much easier to prevent it!

Is it possible to get enough Omega-3 compounds with food?

Of course you can. But to achieve this most people would have to fundamentally change their nutritional habits. Your best options are seafood, vegetable oil, seeds and nuts. However, not every variety can be suitable For example, codfish contains a minimal amount, and you’d have to eat it every other day to get all the nutrients you need.

Herbal products get evenmore complicated, hence they contain not only Omega-3 fatty acids, but alsoOmega-6. These two classes do not always go well with each other, and for their optimal digestion you should take them in 1:5 ratio. Not every family can afford a professional dietologist. Can’t it be easier to use a ready-made solution from Biotela?

 Advantages of Omega-3  Biotela

And ideal source ofOmega-3 class fatty acids is fish oil. However, those who tasted it in its natural form would be reluctant to try it again. This is why fish oil inOmega-3 is contained in capsules. A soft gelatinous shell protects delicate components inside from the environment and oxidation and lets you use our product without even a hint of unpleasant aftertaste.Finally, such packaging allows us total control over the dosage

Organic high-quality components only

Quality – 100%

We use only highest quality fish oil made from sardine, anchovies or mackerel muscle tissue, but never from cod liver, which tends to accumulate toxic compounds.

Fine purification of raw materials

Before packaging we we additionally purify raw materials for complete decontamination.To remove even the slightest amounts of salts of heavy metals we use molecular distillation guaranteeing the best purification while keeping fatty acids intact.

Comfortable course dosage

Ideal balance between the most valuable fatty acids, Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), is 1:2. This is why a daily dosage of 4 capsules contains 240 mg of EPA and 480 mg of DHA.This is the best result for optimal price.

Compliance with standards

Our production facilities as well as all the products currently on sale comply with Russian and world standards which is approved by relevant quality certifications.

 Optimal for course usage

Optimally shaped capsules and cost-effective packaging were designed to provide the best course experience and as result to get the best possible effect for your body

Ideal balance

There are plenty ofomega-3 supplements on the market, yet by far not all of them are designed with correct component ratio in mind. Biotela products guarantee an ideal balance between all the fatty acids in our product

Special flavors for children

Omega-3supplements for children are additionally enriched with vitamins E and D and have a special raspberry flavour for your little sweet tooth.

Should I use Omega-3 from Biotela?

Deficiency of  polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in Omega-3 May have the following symptoms:

1. Unhealthy looking skin, dryness, rashes and inflammation

2. Nail peeling, fragility of hair and hair loss

3. Visual deterioration

4. Reduced ability to concentrate,memory problems

 5. Frequent mood swings, depression

  6. Growth and development inhibition in children

Through these symptoms your body signals about the lack of necessary substances and itis high time to correct this imbalance. With this we should be responsible and never allow an overdose. Also before starting your Biotela Omega-3 course please take into account its blood thinning capability, so do not use it parallel with anticoagulants. If you have any questions about its compatibility withyour current medication, please consult your physician before starting the course.

Omega-3 health benefits

Highquality biologically active food supplements based on Omega-3 (such as theproduct from Biotela) have been accepted by worldwide medical community and arehighly valued for their healing benefits and absence of side effects. Omega-3complex may be beneficial for a whole range of organs and systems of your body:



Multiple lab and clinical trials show that Omega-3 is useful in heart attack prevention,  для профилактики инфарктов, cardiac decompensation, arrhythmia and atherosclerosis


Blood vessels

Polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in Omega-3 help improve the elasticity of vascular walls and lower the risk of thrombosis. The product promotes blood lipids normalization,lowering cholesterol levels and is also able to marginally lower blood pressure caused by hypertension



Active compounds of Omega-3improve secretion of your happiness hormone - serotonin, so it works as an antidepressant. Moreover, it improves nerve conduction resulting in higher ability to concentrate and process information thus boosting your memory and brainpower



Fatty acids of Omega-3 are the essential construction material for retina cell membranes.Lack of nutrients may lower tear fluid secretion or even cause visual deterioration.



Omega-3 is essential foryour body to keep metabolism at optimal levels. This affects bone and joint health. Besides, anti-inflammatory effect of Omega-3 fatty acids helps with arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, lowers cartilage degeneration rate,improves mobility of joints.



It has been experimentally proved that ingestion of polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in Omega-3 improve the condition of patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. The effect is most prominent at the early stage of disease.


Anti-inflammatory effect

Intake ofOmega-3 complex helps suppress any inflammatory process via supporting phagocytosis and active oxygen generation in cells. This effect can be observed for acute and chronic inflammations.


Aid for asthma

Clinical observations show that sufficient concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the body lowers the acuteness effect in asthma patients and also improves circulatory and respiratory dynamics.


Cancer prevention

It is accepted by oncologists that intake of Omega-3 fatty acids is a deterrence measure against foreign tissue growth. The complex reacts to balance of various fats in your body, lowers the risk of systemic inflammation, slows down oxidation processes and formation of free radicals which can disrupt cellular activity and potentially cause cancer. Moreover, Omega-3 is used as a weightloss prevention tool during chemotherapy.



Sufficient amount ofOmega-3 compounds in your body improves skin regeneration while having an antioxidant effect, it reinforces vascular walls and collagen fibers. Thus theking becomes more flexible and less prone to inflammation - acne, eczema,dermatitis and psoriasis become less apparent



Hair beauty directly depends on comprehensive nutrition, so if your diet lacks essential fatty acids you could have extensive hair fragility and even experience hairloss. Omega-3 nourishes your hair, improves its growth and keeps your skin healthy.


Getting rid of excess weight

Good metabolism is the basis of fitness, which is not easy without necessary fatty acids contained inOmega-3. Besides, certain compounds in Omega-3 improve secretion of certain hormones which control your feeling of hunger, appetite and feeling of fullness


Men’s health

By means of comprehensive strengthening of cardiovascular system Omega-3 improves potency.Anti-inflammatory properties help prevent prostatitis. Besides, polyunsaturated fatty acids concentration in sperm is significantly higher than in any tissue,so regular intake of Omega-3 helps increase male fertility. Finally, this complex is highly recommended to athletes because it significantly accelerates muscle growth.


Women’s health

As well asOmega-3 fatty acids are essential for natural shining beauty, they start playing a very significant role in woman’s body during menopause. They significantly lower the risk of diseases caused by estrogen deficiency, prevent accelerated ageing of skin, protect both nervous and cardiovascular systems.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding

During these periodsOmega-3 supplies a very important compound – docosahexaenoic acid, which is essential for baby’s brain formation and eyesight development. Other compounds of the complex lower the risk of toxicosis, allergies and premature birth. With sufficient supply of Omega-3 you can lower the risk of your baby being underweight or having a post-birth depression. The necessity of Omega-3 acids during breastfeeding in undeniable, hence they are included in vast amount of infant formulas


Children’s health

Omega-3intake protects children against allergies, aids comprehensive brain and eyesight development, improves attention and memory. Learn more about our special Omega-3 product for children.

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