Youth and health of your body at the cellular level

Daily intake of "Coenzyme Q10 Biotela" will help to make up for the lack of a much-needed substance and preserve youth and health for a long time!

What is Coenzyme Q10?

"Coenzyme Q10 Biotela" stimulates the protection processes inherent in nature itself!

Coenzyme Q10 is synthesized by our body independently and is present in every cell. However, with age, as well as as a result of exposure to poor ecology, stress, irrational nutrition and bad habits, its concentration decreases markedly. This weakens the ability of our body to regenerate, reduces immunity and contributes to the development of a wide variety of diseases.
Daily intake of "Coenzyme Q10 Biotela" will help to make up for the lack of a much-needed substance and preserve youth and health for a long time!

Protective action

Coenzyme Q10 is a direct participant in energy metabolism, and it also protects cells from the inside from so – called free radicals-active substances that provoke aggressive chemical reactions and can destroy cells and their components.

According to the results of research, damage by free radicals to intracellular structures and, especially, DNA, is one of the reasons that can provoke the development of oncological diseases. Coenzyme Q10 neutralizes free radicals and has an antioxidant effect, that is, it inhibits oxidative reactions, protecting tissues from destruction.

At the same time, the natural synthesis of coenzyme Q10 begins to decline after 25 years, and the quality and variety of our nutrition are not always able to ensure its replenishment.

Advantages of "Coenzyme Q10 BioTela"

Only Swiss components

Quality – 100%

We are responsible for the production of our products, and therefore we use only Swiss components of maximum purity for the production of "Coenzyme Q10 Biotela"

Increased digestibility

The absorption of coenzyme Q10 increases when it is consumed with fats, so we added high-quality olive oil to our preparation

Perfect balance

The daily norm determined by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation is 100 mg per day. Based on this, we use an economical package designed for a 30-day course reception.

Изученность, безопасность

Медицинские исследования воздействия коэнзима Q10 на организм человека ведутся с середины XX века. В 1960-х в Японии отмечен первый удачный опыт применения вещества в лечении хронической сердечной недостаточности. С тех пор, особенно в последнее десятилетие, с каждым годом становится все больше описанных медицинских ситуаций, при которых применение коэнзима Q10 было признано удачным дополнением к стандартной терапии, улучшающим как клинические, так и субъективные показатели самочувствия больных.

Более того, исследования механизмов клеточной энергетики, в которых участвует коэнзим Q10, были удостоены Нобелевской премии по химии в 1978 году. Таким образом, уровень изученности вещества и механизма его действия делает коэнзим Q10 одной из наиболее эффективных и безопасных пищевых добавок в мире.

Help with diseases


Diseases of the cardiovascular system

The maximum concentration of coenzyme Q10 is observed in the heart. This is due to the high energy needs of the organ and makes it especially sensitive to the lack of necessary substances. But it is diseases of the cardiovascular system that is the number one cause of death in the world. Clinical studies have shown that regular intake of additional doses of coenzyme Q10 helps to improve the performance of the heart muscle, relieve shortness of breath and arrhythmia, reduce blood pressure.



Coenzyme Q10 protects our body from intracellular failures that can cause the development of neoplasms. Moreover, a number of medical experiments have shown that taking a complex of antioxidants, including coenzyme Q10, increased life expectancy even in patients with end-stage cancer. At earlier stages, taking "shock doses" of the drug counteracted the appearance of metastases and contributed to the accelerated onset of remission.


Reduced immunity

Laboratory data indicate that the intake of coenzyme Q10 contributes to an increase in the number and activity of lymphocytes, an increase in the level of immunoglobulin and the concentration of other types of immune cells. Studies have shown the effectiveness of coenzyme Q10 even with the support of HIV patients who had no opportunistic infections.


Excess weight goes away faster


A regular example of coenzyme Q10 reduces the need for insulin in people with diabetes


The addition of coenzyme Q10 to the diet helps to improve the parameters of sperm in men and increase the likelihood of conceiving a child.


In the gums of patients with periodontal disease, there is a decrease in the concentration of coenzyme Q10, in contrast to patients with healthy tissue.


Coenzyme Q10 increases the overall level of well-being, reduces fatigue, relieves chronic fatigue.

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